Apparent motor failure

The left motor/gear box on my Maslow started making a piping sound, almost like a missing gear tooth, except the calibration was still good, just tonight it locked up all together. I videoed it.

That’s not good. I hadn’t even thought about the process of getting a replacement. Where would we purchase a single motor replacement?

I can say with certainty that Bar is out of motors. I got the last one.

@jwolter good point. Where did @bar used to get them or where are @MakerMadeCNC getting them from?

We still have motors and internal gear upgrades at


Some thing here is amiss.

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I’ve got a couple in the shop. Send me a message and we get you back up and running.


They order them from the manufacturer in china (minimum lot size is 1000 motors
as I understand it and a month+ shipping time)

David Lang

I ordered a couple upgraded ones from the surplus shop