Broken gear on x axis


After maybe 100 hours of cutting
my x axis gearbox was getting noisy. And 1 hour later it was broken. Opening it up shows that the gear on the middle (SECOND axis in gearbox) is broken. Where can I get replacement ? Do they ship to europe for reasonable pricing?


Yep! You can get those here:

thank you for the quick response but I do not think the proposed "motor Grear Upgrade " is providing the right part. Please chek the picture

I marked the part in the picture with a red. Also 40 $ for shipment is not an option. Thank you for your support.


There are no European Maslow distributors that I know of, which leaves the USA and China as the only remaining sources. You can try contacting and see if they sell you one, doubt they will, but you never know.

Thank you for the tip, but no luck with Etonm; smallest batch I would get is 1000 motors. The request to get ONE gear must have had them rofling for a whole day. I could get a motor+gearboxon ebay or so but man this is so not maker style. So I am looking for a a twin gear 9 teeth / 36 teeth “somwehere” else good luck to myself.

I would shoot the maslow surplus parts guys an email. $40 for shipping on a $4 part is ludicrous. Such a small pat should go in a cheap envelope. I bet if you message them they can sort something out.

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I just saw this.

What if you were able to order something like this ( Link to cheap motors )? You only need the gears out of the motor and not the whole stepper motor or encoder.

It looks like they use the same transmission casting on several motors. I am sure that you can dig around and find the same in a cheaper option. You could even adjust the settings in the Maslow if you couldn’t fund the exact same ratio.

If you look at their offerings, they have some with a 2 motor minimum. This looks like a far cheaper option with some of the motors only being around $5.00 and some claim to have metal gears. It is just a matter of matching the gear rations to the ones in the Maslow.

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