Can I order replacement gears or gear boxes?

I have seen that @bar has had spare gears or gear boxes, is that still the case? If so, where do I purchase? My left motor ate it this morning (two months of use). I ordered motors for back up, so I am covered, but I see on the forum that gear failure is common. If there is no way to get spares through Maslow, are there part numbers for ordering through MacMaster or the like?

They aren’t a common part you can get from McMaster, but I’ve ordered a whole bunch more from the manufacturer so I should have them again soon. I wasn’t charging anything for them because they are so cheap it doesn’t make any sense to. As soon as I have them again I’ll make an announcement and send them to anyone who wants some.


Great news! Thanks a bunch!

Jerri Neddermeyer

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Just blew a gear as well. Ordered a couple motors for replacement and backup. A few gears thrown in my order would be great if possible (save shipping!!).