🌎 Are we neighbors? Pin the Map! (optional) 🌍

TL;DR for this thread: @Dag83 made a map on Google Maps for Maslow users to pin their locations. This is strictly optional, but is a great way to connect with other users in your part of the world.

The map can be found at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_0kvHNBRGuMyNRCAGPGR6VCQlV9L4Cbv&usp=sharing
Edit by jwolter with permission from nereo1

Is there a way to show our locations? There could be 2 people in the same area who have Maslow CNCs, and would enjoy meeting each other – Maybe a place on this discussion board where anyone so inclined could post their contact info?


this would be a really cool feature, maybe make a map or something. I just found 3 people nearby by accident. so there must be more.

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A map, if possible, would be an awesome idea. People could choose if they wanted to put their location on it. Then it could be used to find nearby Maslow users, as well as provide a neat view of the worldwide distribution of Maslows!

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does this work? you should be able to add locations to it. it’s on an account i only used to cheat in pokemon go, so i think i didn’t create any security problems for me?
I don’t see any reason to mark your location more precise that your town center. If you need to find someone you can just send him a message.


I’m your neighbor to the south. I’m in Los Angeles.

Some people have their location in their profile.

Thank you

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I didn’t realize all the information that was available by clicking on someone’s profile symbol!

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I love that this comes up again! I am pretty sure I am the only Maslowian in the entire country I live :slight_smile:
Wiki list map was starting nice and sadly never continued.
I have a shared spread sheet on giggle-drive but never posted the link because I did not believe it would work.

i was sure about it too, Belgium isn’t that big, but i allready found 3 other people within 50 km.


It works, I was looking for something like this and didn’t find it. Thanks!

yeey, and another yeey to get to 20 chars :smiley:

Wait, it show less then before ??? Did I delete some :man_facepalming:

no, i just added some places to test, and deleted those.

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You shocked me for a second :joy:

Worked for me – Now we need to get it presented in a prominent place on the Maslow forum – Maybe add a new category, something like “Find a Maslow Neighbor” – People could converse and exchange contact info in the messages under that category – Map should be featured prominently


Good suggestion. By adding your time zone it could also help with support.
What would be a more global title?
In the summary of the topic, I would add a security advice to pin the market place, the clock-tower or a police station,instead of your house. Not to make yourself a target for insane.

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How about asking for suggestions? This poll is closed. Add suggestions for a couple of day and open it.

  • Find a Maslow Neighbor
  • Maslow Citizens
  • tst3

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This is a great idea.

It certainly would help out if you were having problems to have somebody that you could troubleshoot your issues with that was close.

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I added my location in VA. I like this map idea.


@nereo1 Is it OK with you that I’ve edited the title to stick out a bit more?
On one side I’m hesitant about a new category just for the MoM (Map of Maslowians). The categories should be kept as low as possible. On the other side I’m missing a ‘Maslow Community’ topic for interaction not related to Hard- or Software. It would fit nice in there. Thoughts?


On a side note I would like to say Thank You! to @nereo1 for bringing up this topic, to @Dag83 for supplying the map and to all that have already pined a town. I admit that a small part this comment was also to bring it back to the top on latest ;-). If you pined and add to this post, for example ‘New York added’ and ‘Empire State Building’ to have more than 20 characters, you can help to keep this topic prominent :wink: