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Looking for Maslow users in Belgium

Hello, are there maslow users in Belgium ?

If you are one … just reply here :slight_smile:

We are Makerspace-Baasrode from Baasrode (Dendermonde)

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USA Maslow-er, here, invading your thread to make sure you know about the users map:

Are We Neighbors? Pin the Map (Optional)

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Done it !

(But i would like to get in touch with them) :slight_smile:

I know @Dag83, one of our frequent commenters, is from Belgium. You might find a few more by searching for “Belgium”. Hopefully you will draw a few others with this thread. Good luck!


Yeah, i’m belgian, and i know i’ve shipped a bosch kit to several belgians, but i’m not sure who they were.
I know Henk Rijkaert has a maslow, but if you follow de koterij you’ll notice he spends most of the time yelling at the machine :slight_smile:


We are in Ghent/ Wij zitten in Gent.Furniture design for Chat-o-Design.
Our contact info is at

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