Are We Neighbors? The Return of the Maslow Map (optional)

Since the Maslow 4 has brought a bunch of new people to the forums, I figure it is time to point out the Maslow users map on Google Maps. This was created by @Dag83 back when we were all trying to build our original Maslow machines. Of course this is optional, but it is a good way to find out if there are any fellow users in your area. There are over 600 markers on the map as of this post. The map can be found at: Maslow - Google My Maps. I have created a separate layer for M4 users and M1-3 users, since sometimes that distinction will be useful. Here are some instructions on how to add your marker to the map:


I’m so glad that you are bringing this back! It was a lot of fun last time.

I’m a little worried that all the new pins are going to get burred in the old ones.

Not a problem, the two layers can be turned on and off individually.