As i wait for mine who wants to cut something for me

So I am part of the additional kits purchase, so i. Womt recieve mine until March…ish… however i have a small project that requires 2-3 pieces of Luan cut. Easy job. I had someone working on it with thier laser system. But they were unable to complete the job. If anyone is interested in helping a fellow Maslower out it would be greatly appreciated. I’m located in Pennsylvania if that makes a difference for you to ship.

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How large are we talking? I’m still waiting on my Maslow, but have an omtech polar laser and a shapeoko 3.

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Max 20" round.

2 pieces are less than 20" round, the 3rd might be a little larger then that. If it’s possible. I have to draw it up and see.

Yeah that is probably a little big for me to handle. My laser is 11.5"x22"" work area and the Shapeoko is 16"x16"

I am in NE Ohio and in the M4 first batch group. If you don’t find someone closer and/or more immediately able to help, give me a shout.

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Please let me know when you get it. I’m going to work on the files now.

I have a 24x36 laser and an older maslow and can help now if needed. Message me direct to continue the discussion.