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Delivery Schedule for New Kits?


I’m thinking seriously about the next boat build. One of the top contenders is Vivier’s Ilur. The cut files are available for around $200. With a slightly larger investment in a Maslow (I already have the router), I could be cutting out boat parts for around $500 (not including the marine grade plywood), which could/would save me quite a bit over the cost of the kit. I just wanted to get a ballpark feel for if I would be able to hit the ground running when I got back to the US in late May with putting the Maslow together and be able to start cutting out parts.

What is the payment/delivery schedule for new kits Spring 2019, so I can budget if needed? Thanks!

Ilur kit from Chase Small Craft


There are 3 suppliers. @makermadecnc @metalmaslow , and


Wow! Thanks. A lot has changed since I last visited this forum.

So I checked out the links. The first is shipping in delayed batches, the second is working on their website and the third has everything sold out. Hmmm…


Delayed batches is how Bar and Hannah did it anyway (if that means anything to you).
Metal Maslow has an ongoing topic Metal Maslow kit $600 ships Nov. Respond below if interested and I’m not recalling where I even found out about the third.
It also seems as if there were a couple of recent full kits for sale in Swap Meet category.


Not that i have to do with them, just to add to the list:


We took on the delayed batches organically. We do all of our kitting and consolidating in China and ship direct. We have always planned on stocking kits and selling them off the shelf, but so far every batch we open for ordering sells out before the kits are consolidated. We are scaling manufacturing to account for this and should have some true “in stock” kits for purchase this spring if a batch order isn’t your cup of tea.


That’s cool. I didn’t mean to sound snippy. I guess I just ASSumed that with 3 other companies supplying Maslows that there would be more availability. No worries, I’m not ready to pull the trigger and any purchases should have better pre-planning anyway. Thanks!


If there was something snippy, I missed it :rofl:. I feel like the forum is an art in order to not be taken harshly. I’ve never used so many emojis (until now):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!