Is anyone else still waiting for their shipments to arrive

First off, I hate to do this in a public forum but I have recieved no responses to my inquiries and don’t really know how else to get through. This is not my preferred method of addressing this.

I ordered a spare shield and motor on June 25th. My credit card was charged for the order by Maslow CNC. I recieved an update from Hannah on 8/13 saying that my order would ship the following week and that I should be on the lookout for an email with a tracking number. I haven’t heard anything since. I am trying to determine if my order is one of the shipments that will be going out this week or who is now responsible for fulfilling the order now that spare parts have been turned over to Maslow Surplus Parts.

If my order got lost in the transition that’s fine. I just need to know how to get the parts I ordered, a refund, or if I need to file a dispute claim with my credit card company.

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I ordered a kit a few weeks ago and was told that they’re waiting for some of the hardware that is supposed to be delivered to them today, 9/5/18. My guess is that some of that hardware is needed for your order as well.

I was wondering if I was one of those people but it was my understanding that those people were contacted and informed of the reason for the delay. My concern is that I haven’t heard anything regardless.

Update: I recieved an email from Hannah. They are on it. It sounds like I was worried for no reason. So yeah, I guess I was in the group going out this week after all.


@jonatpridesleap Welcome to the group. You will soon have parts. Let us know if we can help.

Thank you