Assembly issue. Separating the encoder boards

The four encoder boards are part of the same printed circuit board (PCB) in my kit, which I assume is normal. But how do I separate them without damaging anything? Got tools, but I need ‘tool caddy’ to tell me which I should use. Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Johnnie, You should try to break them apart using your hands, like breaking a piece off of a chocolate bar. They are pretty sturdy so it may take a little bit of force. If you want some extra leverage, you can snap off the surrounding pieces using pliers. Just make sure to used the pliers on the parts you will throw away so you don’t crunch any components on the boards.

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They take a bit of force to crack the initial tab, but then things go smoothly. Once you’ve done one, you will know the force required. I was concerned about breakage on this step but all went well.

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Ok. Will give it a shot…Yes, worked fine, with a little help from my needle-nosed pliers! I was afraid I’d discover you were a world champion arm-wrestler…
Thank you!