Attaching the arduino board to default frame?

I’m in the process of building my first maslow and having a lot of fun! I got to the part where I am supposed to attach the arduino to the frame and had a couple of questions:

  1. Where exactly should it be attached? The instructions say to attach them to the back of the plywood, but doesn’t the plywood occasionally get cut into? Does anyone see a problem with attaching it here:

  1. I’m supposed to use 4 screws to screw the board to the wood. The head of the screws included are too large to fit in two of the holes. Is my setup below going to work ok?

Thanks so much for the help!



the bottom line is ‘wherever you want that’s out of the way and will let the
cables reach’ :slight_smile:

some people have put it dead center in the back and then regretted it when they
wanted to consider weights for tension.

as long as the cables reach, it can go anywhere

David Lang

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I mounted it on a board, and screwed that board to the back of my top beam. If i ever want to move it, i can just move it with everything attached.


I think that should work great!

Great idea!

Is sawdust landing on the boards an issue? Do I need a protective covering over it?

Over heating can sometimes be an issue depending on your settings and where you’re cutting. A fan of some kind helps. Don’t cover it up to block air flow.

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