Electronic Mounting?

So now that I have the frame build how is everyone mounting the electronics? Should I build an enclosure to keep out saw dust? If I do that should the enclosure be cooled? Can I mount it right to the back of the frame? Ideas?!?!

I’ve got mine mounted directly to the back of the frame using the small screws and plastic spacers which should be in the hardware bag. Keeping the heatsinks exposed to the elements is a definite must for cooling.

There have been some VERY cool 3D printed solutions out there that are probably worth looking into

I’ve found that mounting the assembly somewhere that the heat sinks will not get bumped is important. Watch out for loose chains during calibration and when removing the sled.

Currently mine are on a 3D printed “bumpper” on the back.



I found a design I like that “slides the board in” . I want to look at, it needs modification for our needs, some strengthening.

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you

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It would be good to have a Maslow routable enclosure.

Electronics enclosures are however something that should have a few basic safety considerations.

1 keep the electronics protected. Dust, water, objects that can damage it, metal that can cause shorts, etc.
2 if something goes wrong in a bad way, make sure the electronics can’t create more damage.
3 i’m sure there are a few more

From that respect it would them make sense to pick a standard enclosure and use that instead.
Something industrial. Here in europe a few instances would be BIM box, Hammond box, Texim

Or Something that can be mounted on a DIN rail

Still there should be enough airflow since the drivers are on the PCB itself. How much heat do they produce on the Maslow? On a hot summer day, when covered with dust… That should all be dissipated somehow