Outdoor frame, weatherizing

I’m thinking of mounting the frame on an exterior wall of my shop since I don’t have the space inside. The wall is fairly well covered by the overhanging roof so it won’t likely get too wet, but I wonder if anyone has looked into either weatherizing the electronics (putting them in plastic containers or the like – i’ve built some burning man projects that made creative use of tupperware, silicone and hot glue to weatherize arduinos and servos before :)) or making them removable, so they could slot into brackets or the like and easily be removed after use? I expect I would use the system rather sporadically, a week or two of heavy use and months where it could go away.

Welcome to the group.

I have my Maslow outdoors in Souther California. I keep a tarp over it at night.

Here is what my setup looks like for electronics.


I have a project I call “Launch Pad”. I will be putting out in about a week that might be just the thing you are looking for.

Stay tuned.

As for what is pictured, I will be adding the files for those in the community garden soon too.

The difference in the shots is the Raspberry Pi I run the Maslow with is shown with and without the cover installed.

Thank you