Aussie LowBoy Arcade Cabinet in the US? WHAAAAAT?!

So I’ve always loved the Aussie LowBoy style arcade machine. They just look cool to me. They’re in essence smaller than the US arcade cabinets, and definitely not as tall. So I decided to make one :smiley:

I’ve had issues with my maslow after changing sleds. It wasn’t as accurate as it once was, but @madgrizzle helped me get it back up and running with the same accuracy I once had, and here was my first full cut with the metal maslow sled upgrade.

These pieces are the 2 sides, and 4 bottom pieces. Tomorrow I shall try to do my 2nd sheet with has the top, bottom, front, and lower bottom piece.

My machine really doesn’t like the bottom right corner. It will cut fine until it gets about half way into the material, then, well it all goes to hell after that lol As you can see in the lower corner of the side piece in the bottom photo. Nothing a little Bondo won’t fix.

I will keep this thread updated as I put it all together little by little.


The bottom corners are the hardest place to get good results. There’s very little force pulling the sled down there so accuracy suffers. That’s why I’m trying to come up with a design that uses four motors.

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Oh that would be epic! I’m looking forward to that upgrade for sure! I do a lot of arcade cabinets where accuracy is important. Before the Maslow, it was me and my router with a flush trim bit. The Maslow definitely has the potential to help me cut the parts out. It does great as is, but that extra bit of accuracy all over the workspace, would be an upgrade I’d spring for. :smiley:

I usually just hand support the sled in those corners, if I catch it in time

I didn’t catch it in time sadly, it happened on the last time around on all 3. I know NOW tho, to watch it closer when it gets in those areas. Thanks for that tip!