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Remember badges :slight_smile:

If you complete the (forum software’s) advanced user tutorial you can win the Licensed badge. A couple users have attained this pinnacle of education proving that the mentioned tutorial actually exists. I’m unable to locate it’s location and attain the rank, privileges, recognition, and glory attached to successful completion. Or at least check another badge off the list.

Where is the advanced user tutorial?


Don’t have it and will join the search
:slight_smile: -)
Who has it?


gotta talk to the @discobot to get it


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


probably best to do it in pm, it’s noisy


@Jatt Thank you!


or go back to when you very first joined and click on the discobot greeting message or type (the at sign)discobot start new user
when you get through that then do the start advanced user


Thanks! Does that make me Agent 002?


Licensed to do advanced posting!

by the discobot


I want the Swamp Rat badge!!! how do you get it?




Click on the hamburger, then badges, then the badge you’re asking about badge and it’ll tell you.


Nice picture! Conveys their mysterious hidden nature while snatching small parts as they hit the floor, and delaying the packages you’re eagerly waiting for


It’s good to know that you can be reelected my King.


Swamprats don’t obey their king, they grabbed a dropped bolt on the floor just a couple days ago, and they’ve absconded with my box of fine thread bolts


I can never tell if you’re kidding or not about the swamp rats.
They seem like interesting pets either way :smiley:


Some people get house elves, we got swamprats.