Are badges needed?

I find the badges distracting, and encouraging people to do things for the wrong reasons (to get badges rather than because the community needs them done)

I find the badges a little distracting, but I expect they will decrease in frequency soon, as the low-hanging fruit gets picked.Is there a list of badges that we could look at and see where they are going? (And no, I’m not looking for my next score :-))

if you read the into private message it has a link to a full page of badges

some of them are given out monthly

Thanks, @dlang! I found that if you hit the menu button on the upper right corner of the screen (the button with three horizontal lines on in), one of the options is “badges”, which takes you to the list as well.

I hadn’t even noticed them.

I knew I was certifiable, but now I can be certified!

Maybe we don’t need no stinkin badges, but they are a tiny bit fun