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Bit diameter in Holey Calibration

I am about to try the holey calibration and would like to know if the bit diameter (1/8 vs 1/4) matter.


no, you are measuring to the center of the hole (or left edge to left edge), so
unless you have something you are fitting into the hole as part of the
measurement, the diameter doesn’t matter

David Lang

Thanks a lot David.

That said, I found it a lot easier to insert a bit in each end of the pair I was measuring. Working alone, some of the measurements are a stretch and it helped to have something to hook the tape into. The only measurement you can’t do that way is M12. It is a bit ambiguous to me how that should be measured, but I think it is top of the board to center of the hole.

Thanks a lot. I will try the bit insertion but I think I need to start further back in the calibration process because instead of being centered on the board the holes are off to the right about half a foot.

I figured out my problem with the offset issue. I had chosen “chain reset” and forgot I had marked a sticky link in the chain as well as the top dead center location and picked the wrong one :astonished:

yes, it is the top of the board to the center of the hole.

David Lang