Bit size for carving and engraving

Hey all, i have been using the 1/4 down cut that came with my kit, however if I wanted to get finer cuts while engraving what bits should I look at? Attached is the kind of thing I want to make.

Depending on the size a 1/8” bit might work. You can change it in Easel and see the results. Right now it’s set to 1/32”, which would take a very long time to cut if it’s a big sign.

A v bit might do better on the stars and smaller features. That is what I am trying to learn next. Looking for free software (Easel charges your use a v bit).

Very cool design. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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Since you are using Easel you can use your 1/4 inch for the rough cut. That will take out the majority of the of the material to be cut. Click the (+) buttong next to the bit size and select a 1/8 inch bit to do the finish or detail cut. You will generate two gcodes, one will be named rough and the other detail. Download both. Set up your Maslow to make one with the 1/4 inch bit and load the rough cut code and cut it. Then send your Maslow back to home and change your bit and zero the Z. Load the detail code. It will then only cut the finsh details with the 1/8 bit and finish the project.
Hope I did not miss a step. Good Luck and post your results. :+1:

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