Bits, cuts and troubles

Steep learning curve, the bits…
I ordered some single flutes from Ali, but still on their way. I’ve found some a local store:

Going quite well, but I’ve two issues:

  1. During the first pass, a lot of “waste” stays on the surface. In a second pass, the sled is not completely to surface… I’ve stopped, sanded of the waste and restarted the process
  2. I’ve done a circle, counterclockwise milling. However, in the going down part, the sled is coming up on the deeper cuts. On the left side:

    In this way, on the right side I’ve 15 mm, but on the left side I’m at 12/13 mm…

Do you have the same issues? How do you resolve them?

I was thinking:

  1. Do a first cut, sand, then proceed with following cuts.
  2. Do a clockwise finishing step
    However, this will add up to the total processing time…

FYI: milling at about 12000rpm, feedrate of 600mm/min, 6mm diameter and steps of 3mm.

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That bit looks different from what I’ve seen before. What do the all of the bumps along the sides do?


I’m not sure :slight_smile:
They are very sharp, so I think they clean up the sides when you reach a certain depth.
I will cut the actual part with this bit. Tomorrow they will normally deliver the normal single flute spiral bits. I cut the next part with that one and compare.

This is what it’s supposed to do:
3-piece drilling set with titanium coating.
For drilling, filing and milling wood, plastic and aluminum.
Use the drill part to drill the start hole and use the tooth part for milling and filing the material.
Drill sizes: 3mm, 6mm and 8mm.
(Translation of Dutch).
So actually they should work quite well. And only cost 6,99 Euro for the set without delivery costs.

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That almost looks like a drill bit (almost similar to a drill & tap bit (my edit after your edit - sounds like they are designed for use in an electric hand drill)) with the way the nose is shaped. If it’s a milling bit designed for metal than the 12000 rpm is going to be way too fast for wood IMUO (In My Uneducated Opinion). Those bumps and ridges are probably causing some tear out.

Hope you you have better luck with the single flutes. The logo looks good otherwise.
I can’t hardly wait for my Maslow to arrive. (Hopefully getting shipped this week - fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed for luck)


that bit is not designed for a router. I have a bit like that it is made for widening out holes, and does poorly at that.
if you have amazon prime you can get 6mm bits for $3 each in packs of ten $30 total


I’ve found the official website.
It states it could be used with a router, but…

  • nowhere the max RPM can be found (not even on the package
  • it is designed to cut through, then mill with the second part. Not really compatible with maslows frame designs

It might also be a bit too much multipurpose to be efficient at anything.

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I had similar problem using single flut “round” end bit, i found it would lift the sled and wobble on the first pass then some what settle after that. I swapped to flat end single flute once they arrived in post and the difference was outstanding. I think the right bit will make all the difference for you

Edit, 2 flute bit. On that note has anyone used this type of bit?

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It looks like some sort of combo drilling/roughing end mill for cutting metal. Literally, rough and fast. I think, being a novice metal worker myself, it is to make a less than perfect hole to make a friction joint. I could be completely off base.


I found a promising low price US based source for 1/4" two flute upcut router bits. Has anyone used this brand yet?

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Got those, they are crap :slight_smile:
I order my router bits on , real cheap and good enough for now. And they get here faster then aliexpress.
I use this one if it’s all outside lines, so the diameter doesn’t matter.
And this one for the finer work, it doesn’t have a cutter at the bottom, but the specific cutting part is wide enough to not let that be a problem

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Just came in today and mounted them directly. The difference is amazing.
Not a single wobble, nice finish.
The other ones I posted above gave a lot of wobble and the finish of the circle… Let’s say it has a hand-made touch (unfortunately it is machine made :rofl:).
I will also try the ones proposed by Dag and compare. For pocket milling they will be better than the spiral ones, I guess.