Bosch POF1200AE Z-Axis not coming back up

Hi there,

i’ve ordered a maslow ring kit and set it up with the default frame. I am using a Bosch POF1200AE Router with the Z-Axis mount printed from thingiverse.

Everything is working fine except raising the z-axis for traveling moves to next contour. When the motor raises the z-axis, the router just didn’t catch up and the top motor mount part gets loose. I then need to manually push the whole router up and match the motor mount into the housing screws again.
Generally, the z-axis raising is really “stuttering”.

Does somebody maybe had the same problem or an idea about how it could be solved?
I was already thinking about if it helps when i fix the motor mount into the router with some screws?

Would really appreciate any ideas :slight_smile:

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A video of your problem mught help us understand your issue better.


I will try to do a video this evening when i’m working on it again. Will post that tomorrow.


we greased the shafts well, it helped us
we have such grease “grease”, great


Hi thanks for the tip.

Where exactly did you put the grease?
Is it possible from the outside without opening the machine again?

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you move the protective part of the shaft aside, and after lubrication, you well manually lower the router several times, the more the better the lubricant passes

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Okay looks cool. Didn’t know that i can move the protective part aside without destroying that. Will try that today and report back if it helped! Thanks!

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Thank you very much @UNUS_TRESQUATRO that worked very well!

I just pulled the protective part down from the top of the shaft until i could see the inner workings and gave it some sprays of WD40.

Second thing i did is re-mounting the coupler that it sits firmly on the top of the side of the printed part which is mounted to the router. That gives more stability.

I did some test cuts and everything is now working really well, smooth and very accurate :slight_smile:


Wd40 good tool, but it will not last long, it is better to use a thick lubricant

Yes, already thought about that.
Will check out whats a good, thicker alternative.