UK bosch-pof-1200-z-axis-conversion problem

Hi All

Could really do with a little help

I can’t work out how the z axis conversion for the bosch 1200 is supposed to work. The 3d printed parts don’t actually push down the assembly?

Anyone here done it, please could you help?


Wish i could help.
You seem to have ripped the router far more apart then the pictures in bosch-pof-1200-ae-height-adjust-modifications

For sure you have the /diagram//POF1200.pdf already.
Don’t have this router, so can’t help :man_shrugging:

I have this router and the conversion kit.
Could you add some pictures of the parts you use for the conversion? Or even how it looks when you have it assembled.
It sounds to me you’re missing parts for the conversion.

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there are 2 3d printed parts. One is the round collet that slides onto that black tube. It has a tenancy to come loose, so i would maybe rough the outside of the tube up and try some epoxy to hold it on?
If it doesnt fit, measure the shaft and the collet and see how far out it is. Should be about right? Is the printer you printed it from accurate? You can always scale the print a bit to make it fit and try again.
Dont forget to screw the lead screw nut to the plastic collet :wink:

Then put the whole lot back together (good luck with the brushes… i suggest taking them off and putting them back on once the body is back on) then screw in the lead screw, attach it to the coupler. Bolt the motor to the motor mount, the coupler to the motor and the whole lot should just come together. Then when the motor turns, it will compress the router down…

Maybe give us some more information on whats going wrong for you, and we can help :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support guys.

So I’ve realised the issue. It was a mechanical issue where the router was slightly locked or tight when fully sprung. So I’ve just used a cable tie as in the photo to stop it fully relaxing and that works a treat. Hole that makes sense and can help someone else.

So not I’ve got the z axis working, exciting stuff almost there :slight_smile:

Had to use duck tape though to stop the housing from moving about. I did get the kit from maker Made but the brackets are to small for this router, do I need to use a bracket?

Could you let me know how to use ground control to manage the always on connection for this router?

Thanks in advance…