Starting from scratch

Hi all

I bought a maslow kit, No Z axis. I don’t own a router.

  1. What’s the current state of the art in terms of frame design?

  2. Is the Machifit ER11 a good spindle choice?

  3. What Z axis stuff should I buy? Do I need to use a uxcell gear motor?

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This may look like shameless advertising :slight_smile: but if you’re not really fixed on a router yet, i can recommend @Ned 's Bosch conversion. For which i’m selling 3d printed kits in Europe. (my recommendation is based on maslow-less testing since the bloody custom guys are still too busy to send me any reply as to why they kept it for 3 weeks now, aaargh)

The router is a little over €100 most of the time, and you get a really solid built in Z-axis.


That’s looking good, thanks.

I still need to source a motor for the Zaxis. Is there anything available in Europe that will work out of the box?

Or @bar are you able to just ship a motor without the Ridgrid mounting parts?



As far as frame, most people are building the new default frame, but personally I made a combination of the default frame with the skirt of the 80/60.

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I think the Bosch is as close to out of the box as you’ll find, the conversion won’t take more then an hour if you’re handy and look up some videos ahead of time.

I’ll see if i can reassemble my router to original, and then converrt it again for a video, when i find the time (which i won’t in the next month or so, taken two weeks of to do four weeks of reconstruction before moving, so no spare time at all probably)

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Hi Dag

Yes, your kit looks straightforward. I think I’m going to go for it. However I still need the actual motor to attach to the parts you’ve made. I don’t have any Z motor at all at the moment. I didn’t get a Zkit from Maslow as they weren’t available at the time I ordered.

Just to be clear, i’m only selling them, they’re @Ned’s idea and design.