Replacement Motor Gears Back in Stock!

Hey Folks,
We got a new shipment of the motor gear upgrades. $4 each and orders limited to 4 per customer. Sorry for the price increase, we had to raise prices to make it worth our while to ship out lots of small packages during the busiest time for us on the farm!


I would be interested in getting some of them. I’ll shoot you a message. Thanks!

Dear Chip-Monks,
I could use your help here.
The last time the gears were still on stock, i could not get them, as my remote island is not on the list they ship to.
This time i thought “yeah”, i might travel to Germany for a little partying, lets send them there.
Sadly no luck. All Europe, but not Germany. I almost took this personal, but understand the bigger picture of this now.

Latvia, yes. Was surprised to see that. That is as close to as it gets to our brother in Russia with his amazing designs and projects he shares with us.

To help me out, here what i could use help with (PM please):
A person in the US to accept advanced payment from me for:

  • Ordering 4 gears $16 + shipment to her/him within US + re-ship it to my address in Bahrain, usps priority mail {will get here} (~$35 shipping for a small flat rate box).
    (Edit: If you are worried that you will loose your chance for 4 (limit per person), i’m sure the supplier will handle that if you make a note that it’s for re-shipping. This method was suggested after email contact.)

Don’t bother just to sign-up to offer me your help.
You will waste more of your time then mine. I’m targeting only 1st-3rd generation Maslowians i know for a while. Most of you will be lucky, you will get no response. If you are unlucky, you will receive a full psychological profile of who you are.

Kind regards, Gero


I’ll get in touch with the powers that be and see if I can grease some gears :wink:


Well done, sir.


I already “liked” your post but I also just really wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your post, although it isn’t exactly an enjoyable situation for you. :slight_smile:

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