Motor Gear Upgrade

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Hi - @Maslow_Surplus_Parts, great that you are doing this, much appreciated. I wanted to ask if there are any cheaper options for shipping to Europe? Paying $40 to ship $4 of parts (two gears) is a bit brutal.

If not - perhaps Europe based people can organise a group ship and then repackage at this end? Anyone interested?




Totally agree. Shipping to australia is $36usd, kinda grinds my gears a bit

I’d support a group order.

Hello good people! The trickiest thing about distributing the parts for us has been setting up shipping pricing based on the available packaging, services, and destinations. I took some time this afternoon to look up our options for distributing smaller packages internationally and have just added a $17 option for shipments under 4 ounces to the UK and Australia. I know, still not fantastic, but better.

Anybody else need us to add a small/light package option for their country. Let us know!


Hi @Maslow_Surplus_Parts thanks very much, super appreciated. Just to confirm, 4oz i.e. 100g - and can you say how many of the gears would fit into a 4oz package so I know how many I can order?

Are these gears available any time soon…I bought new motors but I would like to rebuild the old ones

I will contact Malsow Surplus Parts and see if I can talk them into restocking

I was finally able to get some gears


ciao sono anche io in europa
maker made non garantisce i pezzi e adesso mi trovo senza ingranaggi
puoi mandare un link dove posso aquistqrli
ti ringrazio infinitamente
a presto

Please take apart your motor and make sure this is the gear that is bad before ordering.

Desarme el motor y asegúrese de que este es el engranaje que está defectuoso antes de realizar el pedido.

caro amico mio
grazie mille
ma io sono in Italy
hai qualche link europeo?
grazie ancora


my dear friend
thank you so much
but I’m in Italy
do you have any european links?
Thanks again"