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Motor Gear Upgrade


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Hi - @Maslow_Surplus_Parts, great that you are doing this, much appreciated. I wanted to ask if there are any cheaper options for shipping to Europe? Paying $40 to ship $4 of parts (two gears) is a bit brutal.

If not - perhaps Europe based people can organise a group ship and then repackage at this end? Anyone interested?




Totally agree. Shipping to australia is $36usd, kinda grinds my gears a bit


I’d support a group order.


Hello good people! The trickiest thing about distributing the parts for us has been setting up shipping pricing based on the available packaging, services, and destinations. I took some time this afternoon to look up our options for distributing smaller packages internationally and have just added a $17 option for shipments under 4 ounces to the UK and Australia. I know, still not fantastic, but better.

Anybody else need us to add a small/light package option for their country. Let us know!


Hi @Maslow_Surplus_Parts thanks very much, super appreciated. Just to confirm, 4oz i.e. 100g - and can you say how many of the gears would fit into a 4oz package so I know how many I can order?