Calibrating chains not working

I just purchased my Maslow from Eastbay Source.
The first issue I had was that my left motor kept spinning, I was told to download the firmware and ground control from Eastbay. This fixed the problem.
I then started calibration. After measuring the distance between the motors it wants me to hook the first link on the sprocket.

When I hit the button to calibrate, the motor spins in the wrong direction and the chain falls off.
I’ve tried several times, always the same.
Any help would be appreciated

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For the motor spinning the wrong direction:

  • Are they plugged in to the correct board location? If swapped left for right then they could be backwards.
  • Check the settings to see if the system is set or chain over or chain under. Your should be set to chain under since once it is payed out it will be holding the sled with the chain under the motor sprocket.

I switched back to the original ground control and was able to go through the calibration without any issues