Calibrating wrong time and time again

I have measured and remeasured the calibration values, but every time I set the system to center, it ends up being low. Instead of being 24 in from the top, it is 26 in from the top. Chains are taught.

Distance Between Motors – 3022 mm
Motor Offset Height – 540 mm
Rotation Radius - 120 mm

Is there something I am missing? Any help that can be offered is much appreciated.

As a temporary fix I have adjusted the work surface to motor measurement to get to center. (this is not the actual distance)

A rotation radius of 120mm seems low. Is this what value the software optimized to?

What frame are you using? With Bars bolt together I am at 438.2 motor height offset. Rotational radius 139.5.

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About calibration, the motor offset and rotation radius sort of balance themselves (sort of, not exactly). If you have a motor offset value that’s higher than what it is in reality, you will likely have a rotation radius lower than what it is in reality. Do you have the measurements you entered into the triangular calibration? I’d be interested in knowing what you measured.