Calibration for full 4x8

We just got our Maslow this week and built the frame with a 12’ beam and skirting to be able to utilize full 4x8 sheets. I just finished the setup and calibration. I am pretty happy with it overall and our center location is almost dead on. We are currently using 13’ of chain on each size and as you can see, I have 3 more feet that could be used if necessary. We already adjusted to bungees to account for the excess of slack in the chain when at extreme spots. My test cuts from calibration are well inside the edges of my 4x8 sheet! . How do I calibrate it to recognize the full 2438.4 x 1219.2 as my work area?

the calibration cuts are well inside the limits because we don’t know how
inaccurate your machine is going to be and we don’t want to risk having the sled
go off the edge.

you don’t need to try and have the cuts nearer to the edge.

now that you have the machine working, try cutting the accuracy benchmark and
see how good the results are.

David Lang

Well the sled shouldn’t go off the edge with the 12" skirt I have all the way around, right?

That is correct, but you will have to change both the g-code and the
calculations in GC to move the cuts.

David Lang

Thanks dlang. I will cut the accuracy benchmark in the morning and let you know what I get.

I ran the accuracy benchmark and came out with an overall score of 1.516