Calibration for large frames

I have a 12’ beam across the top, when I calibrate not enough chain feeds out to connect the sled. How do I fix this? I looked at another thread and they said to set the chain length, how do I do that while in the middle of the calibration? Do I set that ahead of time? What do I set it to and where do I set that? Are there any other calibration gotchas that I have to be concerned about with a large frame?

you need to set it ahead of time, there’s a setting that’s 1651mm by default
change it to something larger ( a multiple of 6.35mm, I would suggest making it
something close to what the spreadsheet says the chain length would be in the
middle, minus the rotation radius of your triangulation kit)

AFAIK, that should be the only gotcha, and even without changing that, if you do
a ‘move to the center’ it should feed out more chain to let you connect the

David Lang