Chain Length Error Message After Calibrating? :/

I am still in the beginning stages of setting up my machine. After I set my chain on the 12:00 sprockets and extend each side to set the chain length, I believe I am good to go. However when I try to test out cutting the final sled and I get this error message about my chain lengths. Any thoughts as to why it doesn’t like my chain lengths??

How wide is your top beam?

So you didn’t run the calibration?

The top beam is 10 feet I believe

Yes I did calibrate it once I extended the chains, and ran into this issue when I went to do a test cut for the final sled.

I’m having the same issue. I calibrated the unit several time with no change. It’s driving me sane… I deleted all software related programs and installed updated versions as of the 25th of Nov. I will re-cal sometime this week, I hope Monday or Tuesday. I’ll keep you updated, please let me know if you find something out before I do.

The message saying cannot find valid machine position for chain lengths of 3.26 and 3.21 means some value is off or there was a problem with how calibration was done. If, for instance, you entered values as mm but it was set for inches, you’ll run into problems. That message says that the machine thinks the chain lengths need to be incredibly short in order to connect to the sled. This could happen if the rotation radius that was entered was really, really large or the distance between motors was really, really small. I suggest writing down (or better yet, screen capturing) each value and post them here. We might be able to find out what’s going wrong.

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Here are a few screen captures I have.


Maslow Settings

I did notice in GC the following:

Can the default inches in GC (highlighted in blue) cause the issue we are seeing? I’m under the impression that it converts the screen view not the overall chain calculation when selected?

Thanks for your help.

What size top beam so you have? It seems like the measurement is “short”. If you have a shorter top beam, you need to change the Extended Chain Length to something smaller… maybe try 1400 mm?.. the reason for your error may be because the controller is calculating the position of the sled to be in a location not on the plywood (in this case, probably off the bottom of the sheet). So shortening the extend chain length would result in the sled being higher. But if you are using a stock frame with 10 foot beam and the motors are located at the end, then the problem is that your distance between motors is wrong.

It would be nice if we had a more descriptive error message if it calculates the sled being outside the boundaries. Maybe one being outside the boundaries (chain length too long) and the second being not solveable (chain length too short)

The top beam is 12 foot in length and the motor distance between is shown below:

The height of the motors to the top of the 4x8 sheet is:

The unit was calibrated three times using mm’s as the input. Each time I receive a pop up congratulating me on a successful completion. The sled is located in the center of my 4x8 sheet of plywood, and GC continues to display


Each time the notification pops up, I have went and set the chain lengths only to see the notification pop up again.

You should be around 3600 mm spacing with a 12 foot top beam.

The motor distance is 2686 mm’s between each other.

This is what you manually measure? With a 12 foot top beam, my value is on the order of 3600 mm.

I updated the software, re-calibrated, and the unit is working well. I believe when I updated the software last week I didn’t preform the update correctly, I may have mixed up the files. That’s the only thing I could conclude.


I had this same issue but I have a 12’ beam. I had to adjust the chain length setting in the advanced setting page. I think that’s the name of the setting, its been a little while. Mine would throw that error usually near the bottom corners where a chain is fully extended. No issues since changing that setting.