Calibration: Test Shape Horizontal and Vertical are 0.5mm apart, but what happens next?

What happens next after my test cuts are entered and are within 0.5mm apart? The only option I see is to run the test again besides pressing the “Back”, “Skip”, and “Quit” buttons.

I tried recutting, and the test pattern was off by 2mm. Not really sure what to do from here. I’m on my 8th cut now…

What version of Ground Control is that?

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When they are within .5mm you are done and it should go to the next step. Actually .5 mm should be the threshold so it might need better than .5mm to proceed

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you really want to upgrade to the triangulation option, either the wood triangulation kit, my metal triangulation kit, or a ring kit. you are never going to get the same accuracy with the original brackets that you have.