When to give up on Calibration Cut Measurments

I have just updated firmware and ground control to version 1.22 and am going through the calibration process.

Im working on the calibration cut and inserting the two values. the first 3 cuts showed improvement but now, 6 cuts later they are not getting any better, The last 2 i completed resulted in the same values as before.

Hor - 598.8mm
Ver - 591.5

This is measured with a tape measure, the .8 and .5 are my best guess. is there a better way for this??

The instructions state we are looking for within 0.5mm of each other. I dont see this getting to that point, what should i be looking at to improve this?? also, do i just hit quit at the top once i am happy or is there a magic button once the 0.5mm number has been hit?

Thanks again

Where in GC are you doing this?

In the Calibration steps.

also, I dont fully understand this step?

Are you using the old-style quadrilateral kit or a triangular kit (ring, linkage, pantograph)? I think you might be calibrated using quadrilateral method.

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Yep, I pressed the wrong key!!!
I assumed the process had been updated and thats why I had not seen it before!!
Time to start from scratch!!!


Welcome to the club.

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While i have you, The automatic button on the sprocket alignment page, I assume it is to align the sprocket vertically automatically.

It far from works for me, it just moves the sprocket some random distance but not aligned that i can see. Do you know how it is suppose to work? am i doing it wrong???


The automatic will only work after setting it the first time. So use the individual buttons to get it aligned and then click set zero. If you ever need to reset the sprockets again (and the controller hasn’t lost its mind and forgotten where the sprockets are) it will work