Calibration values not saved in EEPROM

Been trying to calibrate my M2 after installing new DUE board replacing the original which had a broken USB connector, Updated the firmware from the MaslowDUE and can control the M2 with jogging commands so I assume it is working.

But when I try to calibrate I set the Frame values 381 and 3019 and click Apply but when I return the the tab the old default values are displayed (463 & 2978.4).

Also when I run the Edge tab I am seeing some crazy movements. My son and I both have double check the frame for squareness and values but when I click the middle up position with a 100mm offset the sled goes to about -4mm, then the rest of the corners are starting from top right are: 67,165 155,79 0 158,74 154,77 . The top middle clearly is way way off and the calibration is something like 165mm off.

If I apply the calibration and try to run again, the sled goes to exact same locations as described above. It’s like the applying the calibration is not setting the values.