Maslow to M2 Upgrade Calibration Issue

So. Followed the PDF for installing the new spring tensioner and calibration of the M2 upgrade.

Everything seemed alright until I went to jog the motor to center. anytime I hit X+, X-, Y+, or Y- the system goes into an error state and starts moving slightly in random directions. Only when I unplug the USB from my computer does it stop.

I’m stumped.

Hi jvanburen1010,

Maybe is not the same issue, but the first time I tried to set up my M2 it moved down every time I press any direction button, so finally the problem was thet I haven’t set the home first.
So before to start moving manually your M2 try to set home first.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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Just today I get the same error that you explain. It was a motor connector, check all the motor cables.
In my case one cable was slighly moved out of place.

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