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Can I router a contour map 70mm deep?

Hi Marlow Users,
I am wanting to buy a Marlow cnc router kit, but first need to know if it can meet my requirements.

My question is, can the Marlow router create a 3D contour site plan similar to the photo below:

My intention would be to glue 7 sheets of 2400 x 1200 x 12 mdf together and when the glue is dry, to use the Marlow machine to router out the voids to create hills and valleys.

Please advise if the Marlow router will carry out this task

Kind Regards
Doug Hubbard

A MaSlow system uses a router strapped to a sled that rides on the surface that is being cut. If your design topography doesn’t have enough flat surface to maintain the cut depth consistency across the surface, it may not make what you want. As far as the depth goes, if you can get a regular router bit to cut that deep, you might be ableto do it with the maslow. I’d suggest cutting it in layers and then assembling it.

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Hi Orob,
Thanks for your response.

Your comments about the router potentially ‘not having enough flat surface to maintain the cut depth’ makes a great deal of sense.