River table question

Has anyone used Maslow or think it would work to route a river table? As in “plane” a finished wood and resin table, kinda route down to wood and resin to prepare for finishing sanding.

@Jsabinpa Welcome to our Group. if it will route by hand in theory the Maslow will do it. You must take into account work holding. The “standard build” will probably handle 1 inch or ~25 mm material, my gestimate is you could maybe push that to 1.5 inches or ~38mm, beyond that you should look at an adjustable top rail to move out for bigger parts or alternate work holding.

Thank you

@Jsabinpa In short, the Maslow cannot plane a surface smooth, however, you can use a maslow to help build a router jig that will allow you to do just that. Here’s a link to the cut files: Slab Flattening Router Jig

EDIT: You are on the right track as far as CNCs in general, btw. Some CNCs do allow you to smooth rough-cut lumber, but short of spending $8k+ for one of those (Gantry-based machines), using the manual process really isn’t a bad way to go. I did it for this table project: Legs for Kitchen Table

Here’s the specific post talking about flattening the slab:

I used this bit: http://a.co/2LUitlL
(And depending on your router,
you may also want this extender to make the job easier: http://a.co/az2abLt)

Hope this helps!


The maslow rides on the surface of the material you are cutting, so if you are
talking about trying to cut the entire surface of the material, the maslow
is not the right tool for the job.

you can rig something up, but it can get rather ‘interesting’ to do so.

David Lang

I’m not really sure what you’re trying to do. Sounds like you already have the central river, and just want to route it flat? Don’t know about doing that.

BUT, it might be interesting, with a big sled, or a river small enough for the sled to not fall into it, to use a 3d landscape generator to make a mountain range, turn it upside down, and carve out that shape as the river. The fractal landscape detail MIGHT make it look very authentic. Or it might look terrible. Or it might not even work. Don’t know, as I don’t have my maslow yet :slight_smile:

" if it will route by hand in theory the Maslow will do it."

Oh. I know what you mean, but I wouldn’t put it that way. A powertool in a pair of human hands is as flexible as it gets. Just the accuracy suffers.

I am just waiting for my Maslow. I plan to build a frame that I can slide three inch slabs into and have a slightly larger sled. Then I will use the Maslow to cut into 34" wide 3" thick slabs of redwood and pine that I’ve cut up.
Edit: I will be attempting to cut pictures, and animals into the slabs maybe landscapes if I get good enough with CAD.