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Can I use G41, cutter compensation?

Running an original Maslow. What control software will allow me to use G41 (cutter compensation) in my G code I write?

Is g41 supported in the grbl command set? If not neither the due nor the mega will support it. If yes, then the due will and maybe the mega. I have not dug through the firmware to look for that one. My guess would be it is not supported at all from a gcode reading perspective. From a gcode generating perspective, are you looking to offset for the width of the mill bit? The cam generators such as estlcam for example allow you to select left or right side or center line cuts to put the curf inside or outside the shape. I may not be understanding your question. Does that help at all?

I am a machinist for 30 years now. Wow I’m old…lol

Anyway , yes I understand left or right of the geometry for the tool path. G41=left, G42=right.

I would like make fine adjustments to my cuts to size them in properly as well as use regrinded mills that aren’t exactly a nominal size. And do all this with out having to run geometry thru a cam software every time. I need just a control software that allows me to do an off-set change.