Can the Maslow 4 be used for flattening?

I just found this campaign on Kickstarter and have a question:

Can the Maslow 4 be used for things like slab flattening, table top flattening, etc?
It would seem that the Z axis would need a flat plane to start with due to gravity issues if the Z start plane is not flat to begin with.
I’m definitely interested in the project though!

Not really :confused:

Maslow4 is really designed to cut sheet goods that already have a flat surface. To do good surface leveling you really want a gantry style machine.

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the maslow sled rides on the material you are cutting, so it follows large bends
in the material and if you cut away all the material under you, you then run the
risk of falling into the cut area (so your effective Z height changes)

David Lang

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Thank you both. I was leaning towards that being the case, but wanted to double check and be certain. Unfortunately these are some of my most use cases for cnc, so not really an option for me, but I love the concept. Wish there was a good way to do it but I fully understand it.

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I’m nog an expert or something… but i do think it might be possible with the Maslow Mark II design from TomD since the frame is designed in a gantry style set up. Im currently building this style of frame myself so in a few weeks i will be able to tell you haha.