Can you guess what I'm cutting?

Alright maslovians can you guess what I’m working on?


I’m gonna guess “The Meticulous Z-Axis”. Close?


I’m almost certain you are cutting playwood :slight_smile:


Winner winner plywood chicken dinner! :joy:


I put a screw in the wrong place, that was a little exciting!


I didn’t realize the meticulous Z axis sled was larger than the original. Seems like my cuts always take longer than I think, past my bed time.

BTW if there is any interest I can share the files I made from the file provided by @MeticulousMaynard. Everything is cut from a 2’x4’ piece of 18mm sanded ply.


Looking good! Hope the assembly process goes well. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

The diameter of the sled is 500mm, or 19.685". The stock is 18" I believe. I had to make it larger for the gussets xD

Happy chip-making!

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Yeah, I worked that out after the fact. I really appreciate all the work you have done to make this available for the rest of us. My biggest concern right now is working out how I am going to get the router exactly centered in the sled.

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Did you say earlier that you used 18mm ply? In the model, I drew it with that exact thickness ply and that is really the most important factor in centering the router. Depending on the exact thickness of the plywood, it might wander ever so slightly in the Y direction. The X direction should be locked in as a result of the tab and slot arrangement of the spindle clamps. However If the spindle clamps are off significantly, then that could also cause some misalignment in the Y.

Unless I’m misunderstanding your concerns.

That is exactly my concern. I made sure I used 18mm ply for that reason. The only local source I could find for 18mm was in a sanded 2’x4’ sheet at a cost of $23. I am not an engineer but experience tells me the closer I can get to exact center of the sled the better off I will be as such fundamental errors magnify as the part size and complexity you are cutting increases. I am probably being more picky than I technically need to be but being very precise sure paid off in my first sled build.

It looks like it’s pretty high-quality plywood, so at least you got that going for you :wink:

As a point of reference, the 4’x8’ sheet of birch plywood I got to do mine cost me just under $80.

While you’re right about getting the centering right for the sake of accuracy, as long as you get it within 1/16" there shouldn’t be any noticeable issues.

Wow, I can get good birch for about $50 but is is true 3/4" plywood. Everything else in 4’x8’ is various grades of construction plywood and none of them are a true 18mm. Luckily they offer the 2’x4’ of the sanded 18mm ply, and it is nice stuff. I guess I am getting old, I can’t wrap my head around the price of wood these days. I used to buy nice ply under $20.

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I built this design and had the same concerns. To ensure it was properly centered, I installed the ring to the sled last. I was able to measure from the inside of the ring to the router body and center it within 1/32". The only thing that matters is that the ring and counter are on the same centerline.

That is a great thought. I was planning on using the precision of the computer to place the ring, seemed logical, I programmed the maslow to make indentions in the plywood where the screws that secure the ring go. Since the frame for the z axis is harder to move I may need to try your way. Thanks for the idea.