Z axis, inconsistent depth

Hi, thanks in advance for any help. I have been at this for about a year now, and the one issue I keep having is with an inconsistent depth of the z axis across the cut.

My current project calls for me to score the surface with as minimal a depth as possible. The cut will start perfect, but then will either become too deep, or too shallow as it crosses the cut area, which is about 20 inches by 20 inches.

Things I have done to try to correct.

  1. I have rebuilt my sled twice, concentrating on how it is balanced. Still, I feel like this might be my biggest problem. I am afraid the sled is as good as it is going to get under my hand, so if this is the problem, suggestions for compensating would be appreciated.

  2. I have insured that my frame is level, and at the correct angle.

  3. I have insured that my workpiece is not warped.

I notice that the sled does not stay completely flat as it travels. It tends to pull away at the top the higher it goes. It is very slight. Maybe 1/16 inch. But it is enough to throw off the cut. If, that is the problem.

I notice that the router has a significant amount of play along the z axis. This troubles me, but I am not sure it is a problem for the cut, as it tends to find the same spot when I home the device.

Ok, that’s it. Any help is appreciated.
Purchased Maslow Complete Kit from East Bay Source
Windows OS
Arduino mega 2560 r3
TB6643 control board
WebControl Version v0.94 License V3
Final Build
Z-Axis Installed
Metal Ring System

This is the key, it tells us that the ring is too low and/or the chains are not
parallel to the workpiece. When you say you are balancing the sled, do you mean
that you are adjusting the ring height so that the sled hangs level if you hold
it by the chains (with the router around the working height)?

if not, you need to first do that.

Then you need to look at the side of the machine. At the chains parallel to the
workpiece? with the default sled instructions, the motors ended up too far out
for many/most people. This can be fixed by adding additional wasteboards behind
the workpiece to push it out until the chains are parallel.

the router should be a snug fit in the housing, the latch should be closed, but
the nut under the latch losened enough that it can still move (graphite spray on
the body of the router is useful here.

David Lang

Thank you very much! I never knew what to do with the latch, which to now has stayed open. I will check the chains to ensure ( I do know the difference, if you caught the typo…ha) the chains are parallel. But balancing the sled, I meant making sure is was to exact specifications, as my first attempt was so far off it was obvious that the sled did not hang correctly.

Many thanks. I am sure this will help! JEH.

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