Center Hole Placement

I’m starting to think about our final sled and I suddenly realized that I was assuming something that I couldn’t prove. Is the center of a round sled the best place for the router? Of course the router should be on the vertical centerline, and if it is too close to the top or bottom, then there won’t be enough support below or above it, respectively. I could believe, however, that there could be some advantage to having the router centered on a spot, say, an inch above or below the center of the sled. Has anyone looked into this?

I built one with the router 1.5" above the horizontal center, it gave more room for locating the weights I wanted to use - it worked fine.

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the router needs to be centered on the chain mechanism.

beyond that, you need the sled to not fall into the holes that you cut, this is
much easier to understand if the sled extends the same distance in all

But people have posted triangular and octagonal sleds, they work. The original
sled was more X shaped. There’s nothing magic about the sled shape, you are
trying for minimum friction, and minimum chance of catching on an edge you have
cut or falling into a hole you have cut.


Food for thought. Thanks!