Sled configuration question

Hey Guys,

I’m having a bit of an issue with my Maslow, I bough a slightly used kit, the person I bough it from had already setup the sled with a c beam z axis upgraded. So I didn’t pay any attention to assembly, after cutting a few parts it came to me that something was off. I cut the same part twice and they had slight differences. So my question is on the sled does the router have to be mounted centered in the sled? Or does the configuration on GC compensate for that with the final cuts? I’ve attached a picture of the sled , please any advice will be highly appreciate.


The router bit needs to be located in the center of the ring kit. This way, when the sled rotates clockwise or counterclockwise (depending upon how its moving on the board) the router bit isn’t affected since its at the center of rotation.