Chain idler gear

Does anybody have a CAD file/DXF of the idler gear that came with the Maslow Kit?
i had an issue with my machine and it flung mine across the garage somewhere and i have yet to locate it. id like to have one made at work if possible.

Maybe its not called an idler gear… but the one that you attach the S hook to to keep tension on the chains…

Any help would be appreciated!

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I don’t use mine anymore so I can send one when I find where I put them! Jon

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I like your post not to rejoice in your calamity but to sympathize with you. I too flung one across the shop. It took a couple of days to find it. I wonder if you could trace it onto some hardboard or similar and scroll saw, Dremel, whatever means necessary and slightly taper it. You could treat it with CA glue or something to harden it to get by until other solutions come your way. Hopefully before the cobble fails! Just a thought. Maybe something I would do that isn’t necessarily the best thing. Take it with a grain of salt. I’m just trying to encourage creativity to get you on the cutting stuff!:gear:

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i was hoping for a quick fix as i was going to cut my wife’s valentines present tonight and could have one laser cut at work today lol. I should have brought my other one into work so i could measure it but i forgot it… it looks like im going to be doing some cleaning tonight haha.

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Looks like the teeth need to be about 1/4" apart if you needed to fab something.

this was my solution to prevent it from happening again.


thats a great idea thanks!

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this was helpful. i just pulled a DXF off of McMaster for the #25 roller and am having that laser cut. thanks!

And I thought you used a sewing machine bobbin :slight_smile:

FWW - I found one on thingivese but never got around to printing and testing it.

Thank you

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