Chain link broke HELP!

Just had a Maslowvian Catastrophe! The last link in the chain where I was clipping my keeper pin came out of the chain and dropped the router as it was cutting, wasting 100$ worth of materials. This is a “HOT JOB” and I need a fix in a hurry. My thinking is move up the chain a half link and clip in, then move the chain a half link forward on the gears, I plan to do both sides so this doesn’t end up biting me twice.

Any ideas or advice would be massively appreciated.

To anyone reading this, The fix mentioned in this post worked! I moved the clip up a half link on the chain and then advanced the chain a half link forward on the gear, I did this on both sides so as not to repeat this problem on the other chain. I then moved to center and she was ready to go back to work with out calibrating again.
Special thanks to the Facebook Group " " for the all the help and quick response.


Looks like you needed a stronger pin/wire to hold things together. Did you reassemble the same way as before?

I used the first link of the chain that has a Dowel pin in it on both sides. This fixed the problem and I finished the rest of the job without issue.

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