Router part on base appears to be broke

The other day during a cut, I ruined a quality piece of birch. It looked like the clip on the side of the router popped out of place. I cleaned up, reset z axis. Flipped the wood over and started the cut. I watched Maslow cut away. Everything seemed fine. I began working on another project but in EyeSight of Maslow. Then it failed again.

After lots examination it looks like the bracket on the side of router base that the z axis runs through.

Anyone else had this problem?

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Yes, check out this thread: Z Axis not functioning (motor works)

FWW - If you have a 3D Printer there is a file somewhere here to print a replacement. I understand they are cheep to order as well.

Thank you

Are you in the US? (Talking to @whitt3rx)

I have several OEM clips and several 3d printed ones and I’ll mail you a few for free. We upgraded our Z axis and don’t need them anymore. Let me know!

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I am in the USA…work sure does get in the way of fun…I will be glad to pay for the parts and shipping…

I love this community! I thought I’d be super-helpful and point the OP to a thread about their problem. Turns out mine was the least helpful response. :slight_smile:


I do like the way Maslow community works. If you have a problem, chances are someone else has had it and it can be fixed rather quickly.

I haven’t found any other CNC group like this.