Chain Rubbing Issues

I have tried a couple of different chain attachment methods now and they all seem to have the chain catching itself in different positions. I can’t seem to find the instructions that have proper chain/nail setup. Below are examples of what I’m experiencing.

In this first example when the sled is in the position at the black arrow the chain gets caught at the red arrow.

In this second example when the sled is in the position at the black arrow the chain gets caught at the red arrow.

Both guides I have work when the sled is in the center position, but both have different chain rub issues when the sled is moved to positions near the outer bounds.

Any help with showing me the specifics of how yours is setup, the proper guide I should be using when it comes to the bolt together frame (along with most updated chain attachment) or your specific setup would be super helpful! Thank you!

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see Weights for chain tension

I actually need to move the end of the chain a few inches closer to the motor (I run out of chain in the bottom corner)

you have the chain going different ways around the sprocket in your two examples, you need it in the direction of the first, but move the end of the chain up to the top of the beam rather than the bottom of the beam.


So I have done that as well but when the sled moves that way it loses the tension on the chain and the middle piece (after the sprocket) falls on the end. Does the larger pulley solve that problem or do I need to cut my bungee down so that tension is kept all the way to the pulley in the middle?

mine did that too so I tied a knot in the bungee to test-shorten it before I cut it down. It worked to test.

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Thanks I’ll try that out and see what I get

Woo so I made the changes. Still having a couple problems. First, I’m using the bolt design. What’s the best way to avoid the bolts from catching the chains?

Also, after running the test cuts there seems to be a problem where the right cuts are further down on the board than the left cuts. What could cause that?

for catching on the bolt…put a wide patch of duct tape (or painters tape or masking tape) just to cover it up. It should cover up the corners of the bolt that are actually catching/grabbing the chain.

Maybe you could use a carriage bolt instead.

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