Need help with Chains hanging

Hey everyone!

I got my maslow up and running last night, the problem im having is I followed the instructions however when the sled gets to the upper left or right, the chains seem to be hanging to low, they are touching the metal ring and even caused the chain to start wrapping around itself on the gear, I followed the instruction on the bungee cord but it doesn’t seem to be helping. Am I doing something wrong?

I don’t have personal experience with configuration where the chains run up top along the top beam, but I suspect the bungie (stretchy string) isn’t taut enough. I think the string is too stretchy for that configuration as the chains originally ran vertical down the sides and it worked well because of the distances. But now the standard frame has the chains running horizontally up top and the distances are shorter. Doubling it up might work to make it more taut, but I don’t have any personal experience with it.

Can you post a picture? I think it would help us a lot to better diagnose what is going on

I actually moved the screw from being 8 inches on the board for the cord to the end of the board and tightened the cable and it’s working fine now.

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Nice work!

weights do a lot better job than the bungee

David Lang

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I don’t know if it will help your stituation but here is my solution based upon other users ideas:

I should add after use I decided that 8 lbs. was about right.

8 pounds may be just a hair high, the theoretical tension is 3.9 pounds with the
stock frame dimensions, and 2:1 mechanical advantage with the pully. so this
would be just on the edge of having more tension on the slack side than the sled
side in the far bottom corner, which would allow gear backlash to come into

I use gallon water jugs as my weights so that I can adjust them as needed :slight_smile:

David Lang

Hi David,

I appreciate your comments. I started with 5 lbs. and had issues with stability and not enough tension. I added 1lb at a time until I found what I perceived to be the best results. Less than 8 didn’t stabilize things enough and more than 8 provided no extra benefit. The biggest problem was chain wiggle when there is a lot of chain between the motor and the sled. I was able to significantly reduce that without adding more weight to the sled. When testing I ran one side at 8 and the other at 5, then switched to verify what I thought I was seeing. I have seen no backlash at all. So I may be missing something but that is the background and where I am right now.

David, after our conversation I went back and weighed everything they are both at exactly 7 lbs, not 8. From what I can tell this is optimal for my setup. Maybe this can help some one or if it does someday cause me an issue they can learn from my mistake.

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