Classic Looking Radio box amplifier for iPhone

I designed and cut a assembled a classic looking Radio Box. It has faux knobs and a cutout and cradle to direct the speaker sound from my iPhone into the box and out through the grill. The cuts were nearly identical and I had a slip when I glued to front on, (so it rocks a bit on it’s feet). I am going to make a jig to hold the parts in place when I glue next time. It’s a prototype and it really works! It is like the idea of a guitar box.

I designed this one at 18 inches tall and made a smaller one of 10 inches also. the parts are in Easel.

Here is a link to the files, have fun!


is that a funny face? or car or what is it supposed to resemble?

just a whimsical take on an antique radio, but my wife also said it resembled a VW Beetle. image

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Love it! keep it up! Fantastic idea.

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VERY cool idea and design.

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Why 3 spacers? Did you test to see how many spacers gives the best sound?

No testing. Just thinking of space, and wanted a chamber about the size of a guitar box for sound reverb. What is great about the software is that you can cut as many or as little as you want. See what works good for you. I did 5 spacers and it works awesome.

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Very cool! I was just coming on here to post a project idea for something very similar.

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Instead of cutting knob-like circles, bolt on these for a classier look:
Radio Knobs

Thanks for that. This was ‘the prototype’! I will be making some changes, and those are a great idea! Thanks for the tip.

Don’t forget to do some Amplitude Modulation to get that authenthic 60’s radio sound. :smiley:

That’s the way audio works, the bigger the amplitude the louder it is.

Old style AM radio had a 40 to 5000 Hz (CPS in those days) frequency response, plus throw in some static and fade, and maybe some extra distortion for authentic tube sound