Art Deco Radio DIY Google Home

I’ve been wanting to find an old Art Deco style radio to gut and turn into a modern radio. Of course, they’re really expensive or in really bad shape, so why not make one?

At the moment, this project is just in my head because I just thought of it and I don’t have my Maslow yet. The concept is basically just a case for a DIY Google Home (I’m sure a DIY Amazon Echo could be done with the same design). This is one of the radios that I found that I like and think would be pretty easy for Maslow to cut:

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Here’s a second one (forums would only let me post one picture at a time):


Those are cool. The idea of integrating an Echo into one is interesting… it would be like Dick Tracy!

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Shouldn’t be too hard to cut, do two at an angle for the same bookmatched look.

Inkscape’s auto trace should make the cutting files, just be aware it’ll take a lot of editing to clean it up. Tried a number of raster to vector convertors, found them to be the best free one

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I was inspired a bit by this thought. I drew up the following (not to scale yet, my echo is at home)… I have been wanting to do something similar and build in a bluetooth speaker, hence the extra holes in the intermediate plates.

This would use a 1/4" cover over the echo, and two 1/4" speaker type plates (the ones with the art deco features), then the rest would be 3/4". I added an indexing feature on the bottom so that an additional bottom plate with a decorative routed edge could finish out the design.


Very nice! One thing I was thinking was to make two thin (1/8"?) of the “speaker type plates” and sandwich the speaker fabric between them. Of course, it may work even better just sandwiching it between the one speaker plate and the thick plate.