Music Cutout Project

It’s good to get back to cutting. I took apart an old bookshelf years ago (to of course save the wood) and tried cutting this design into one of the shelves. First time cutting particle board and for smaller detail it was much better than the plywood I’ve been using. I was also curious how the vaneer would hold up and look like. I think it turned out pretty good. It’s about 12"x12" cut with an 1/8" bit the whole way (my last tool change didn’t go too great and I still need to perfect that). The edges fuzzed up a bit (not sure if it was the vaneer or what) but it lifted the sled a bit and the depths for all 40 pocket commands (dang Makercam) were slightly off. I used a Dremel to smooth things out in the pockets.

I plan to mount this little music box in the top corner.