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Cnc goes off route for no apparent reason

I’m cutting 1/2 ply with multiple depths and some of the passes just randomly jump off the route. I’m sure it’s a common issue, but not sure where to look… please help!

I’ll bet that in these cases it was cutting towards the outside when it went bad

This happens when the sled gets stuck due to the chain angle to the nearest motor getting too close to vertical.

a wider top beam helps this, but that is a major modification, sanding the bottom of the sled, waxing the bottom of the sled will help

it may also be that the machine is tipped too far back, you can try elevating the rear legs a bit and see if that helps (if you get the machine too close to vertical, you will have trouble plunging the bit in to the workpiece, the sled will raise up instead)


Hi David, thanks for advise! You’re right, most common area are lower bottom corners, on the way up. But not only - I had the same thing to happen on the upper midsection, with sled going horizontal… I’ll try waxing the sled and will try bringing motors further apart if waxing won’t help… I’ll update the topic if any that solves the problem!

problems with the cut sagging along the top tend to be that the power supply you
have isn’t putting out enough power, so the motor retracting the chain can’t
keep up. I’ll bet that if you measured the voltage you would find that it’s
dipping below 12v.

other than a better power supply (or put a car battery in parallel to handle
peaks), if you slow down the feed rate you ill be less likely to have problems.

to different causes, but these are the common problems that people run into.

David Lang

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